Case Study: UpToDate MOC

Project: Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Feature
Summary: In the past, when UpToDate users redeemed their CME credits (see CME case study), they were on their own when it came to submitting those credits for maintenance of their certifications. Working with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) as a starter authority, we implemented a new feature where clinicians could submit credits electronically from within the UpToDate system, a small but extremely convenient additional option for users. We designed this feature from scratch, simultaneously mapping out the single ABIM-only solution and a scaled future scenario where user could submit to multiple board authorities. For business reasons, upper management opted to build this new feature within the desktop-only legacy site and not within the responsive app, so the PM and I took extra care to architect functionality that could be gracefully updated in the future. This was an extremely complex project that involved a considerable amount of technical limitation. Additionally, though it was its own separate workflow, MOC had to function smoothly as an extension of the existing and problematic CME workflow, which at the time had not yet been redesigned. This feature, went live late in 2016, marked new levels of successful collaboration between teams and was extremely well-received by appreciative users.
My Responsibilities: Information Architecture, User Testing, Wireframes, Mockups, Development Liaison and UX QA during the build phase
Worked With: Editorial Staff (internal), American Board of Internal Medicine (external), Product Manager, Web Development team, Platform Development team, QA



Initial work involved examining how MOC was handled elsewhere and getting user feedback about their MOC usage stats. There was quite a bit of preliminary technical discussion as well — a process that appears relatively simple to the user involved considerable communication and verification between multiple third party services under the hood.

The high-level MOC workflow mapped out:






User Testing
After wireframes were solidified and approved by stakeholders, I built a testing prototype in Balsamiq (the department was trying out different prototyping tools at this time and had not yet decided to commit to Axure) and we tested the various subflows of MOC with users. The prototype is no longer available online, but my testing plan and prototype workflow are mapped below:

During testing, we discovered that the workflow I’d designed for rejected submissions was just not working with users. This flow was fully reevaluated and retested, and the successful second pass was mapped out in high level detail for the dev teams, who had been scoping out the first design. Here is that reference document:




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