Case Study: UpToDate Drug Interactions

Project: Drug Interactions
Summary: One of my earliest projects at UpToDate was to complete an overhaul of the Drug Interactions sub-application, which allowed users to compare drugs and herbs for potentially dangerous complications. UpToDate’s Drug Interactions interface, which pulled in monograph content supplied by partner company Lexicomp, was long-established but felt outdated and confusing. Our challenge was to revamp the existing sub-app — clean it up, make things easier to find, make the interface more intuitive, display data more effectively, and make the sub-app responsive. We took a mobile-first approach, and I inherited some preliminary designs and a starter prototype from a UX teammate. I was asked to thoroughly evaluate the existing designs and take over the visuals. Things were beyond the wireframing stage, so I went straight to mockups. After building and testing evolved mobile designs, I coded out the frontend of the desktop version. Throughout the project, the PM and I liaised closely with UpToDate’s on-staff Pharm.D to make sure that the sub-app was best serving its largest userbase (pharmacists).
My Responsibilities: UX Evaluation, Mockups, User Testing, Frontend Development, Development Liaison and UX QA during the build phase
Worked With: Product Manager, Staff Pharmacist, UX team, Web Development team, Microservices team, QA



Mockups (mobile):



Mockups (desktop):

All images © Wolters Kluwer | UpToDate

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