Wizarding Faire Commission

  • Houses United (Raven and Eagle Versions)
  • Lion and Snake
  • Badger and Eagle (Raven not shown)
  • 2014 World Cup Poster

I was commissioned to design six graphics for an online Harry Potter-themed Wizarding Faire. The challenge was to represent the four Hogwarts school houses and the game of Quidditch in ways that resonated with Potter fans… without actually abusing copyright. The visuals were represented on posters and banners within virtual reality and could be also purchased on posters, tees, cards, stickers and gadget cases in actual reality. This was one of the most adorkably fun commissions I’ve ever had the pleasure to do!

*Note the Ravenclaw problem: in J.K. Rowling’s novels, the house is represented by an eagle. In the films, the house is represented by a raven. I was specifically asked to do both versions to please all fans, who divide on their animal loyalties.