Pattern Design

  • Rabbit Pattern – Iceflower
  • Rabbit Pattern – Flame
  • Rabbit Pattern – Fuji
  • Rabbit Pattern – Violet Kites
  • Rabbit Pattern – Checkmate

I’m the daughter of a quilter and also grew up surrounded by Celtic knots and Kente cloth, so perhaps my interest in patterns was inevitable. I enjoy playing around in this area.

The “Rabbit” Series: At Parsons, as part of a class designed to aid graphic designers in translating the sketching process into computer-based design, I was instructed to find a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and create a pattern from it. I selected The Silver Tureen (1728) by Jean Simeon Chardin and made the following sketch.

To create my pattern, I followed the “eyelines” of the objects. The cat is looking at the bird, the dead rabbit at the fruit, the fruit makes a line with the orange on the tureen, etc.

Using the eyelines, I created a simple pattern template. Employing different color schemes to produce results with varying moods. I then made the patterns that are currently in the “rabbit” series.